Our Two Homeless Beauties

Meet Bella and Mia! These two girls have had it rough. There background is a little unknown but they came to us from a lady who does her best to help but got a little overwhelmed. They just recently went to a new home but were returned after the weekend because the younger girl in the house was just too scared of cats. Now they are looking for a loving family to give them a forever home.

As soon as they arrived they wanted nothing more than love and attention. They are friendly, potty trained, well mannered, and full of personality. Both girls are great with other cats, dogs, and especially children.

Mia is very talkative and curious. She is shy at first but that doesn’t last long. She is small and may not get much bigger than this. Despite her small size, she is mighty and can definitely stand up for herself so a playful dog won’t scare her off. She has added a lot to our home these last couple weeks of being fostered and we can’t wait to see her get a forever home.

Bella has the sweetest, most low-key nature of any female cat I’ve ever met. She is happy just sitting next to you watching TV and napping. She is very mellow and enjoys getting pet. She would be a perfect fit for any cat lover.


Please contact us if you are interested in meeting these two lovely ladies! They are waiting to meet you.


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