The Patience Only A Pitbull Has

What do you think of when you think of family dog? Golden Retrievers? Labradors? Beagles? Most people wouldn’t jump to pitbulls.

I know everyone has heard the horror stories about pitbulls and their vicious nature. Not only the “vicious nature” but how the males are generally aggressive and territorial…about how the breed has been so inbred that their are no good lines left…ext…

I can’t tell you about every other pitbull in the world but I CAN tell you about mine. Hes an 80lb, inbred, male pitbull. He is hyper, high energy, and VERY loud. He WILL bark when you knock on the door and run right up to you. He looks terrifying. He is actually a baby.

Chunk has NEVER bit, he has NEVER snapped, never snarled, nothing. He has helped me socialize feral cats to a domestic situation, teaching them how to be house pets. He has helped me train other dogs and even brought a terrified dog who couldn’t be around anyone when he arrived, out of his shell and brought the playful side out in him.

I can’t say he never gets frustrating. He is high energy and wants to play first thing in the morning. He barks EVERYTIME someone knocks on the door…even during nap time. He eats food as soon as it hits the ground…even if it still had a wrapper on. His tail can KILL when he is happily wagging it and he has stepped on my toe more times then I can count.

Even with all of that he has been a truly amazing dog! The best part is how good he is with my kids. I’ve never met a dog, or person with his kind of patience. I have proof….

Chunk will sleep with Ari when she has nightmares, and if he wasn’t there when she wakes up she will go sleep with him, and he lets her have the pillow


He has the patience to wait while I plan out my wine adventure. Then he has the patience to come with me on the wine adventure


Waiting patiently for his girl to come home from school…


and patiently lies with her while she naps


Acting as a partner in crime while sneaking ice cream at Grammi and Grampies


Cuddling with his girl during stormy nights


Patience to go on family road trips….and believe me that’s a tuff one, but he would hate to be left behind


The patience to actually be laid on during cuddle/nap time. He wouldn’t even get up and get comfortable because he didn’t want to wake everyone else


He has the patience to “sit pretty” for a picture


The patience to play fetch with the kids


The patience to wear the stupid clothes I dress him in


Even when they were babies he had the patience to deal with his boy. My daughter couldn’t even handle dealing with the boy at this time, but Chunk is a natural born babysitter

The patience to just lay there and cuddle when i’m having a bad day, even though he wants me to take him for a jog

He sits and listens to Ari read aloud during story time

and the patience to play “doggie hair stylist” when his little cousin comes over to play

I have about a million more photos of his gentle nature.  All in all a wonderful dog, despite the breed hype.


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