Traveling With Your Pet

People often fear that traveling with their pets is going to be a very stressful event. It doesn’t have to be. We have some great tips to keep your pets happy!

Step 1. FOOD

Keeping their food normal is very important. It’s very easy to just wait and see what they have at the grocery store when you get there or feed them leftovers. Unfortunately animals don’t react as well to a diet full of variety the way that Humans do. They may become sick to their stomach, and put a huge cramp on your vacation.

We typically used a giant container and fill it with their food. Also remember to add a scoop that is your normal size and not to over feed your pets. That’s just asking for trouble!

This is the container we use. Nina became way too interested in my photo shoot, became difficult to keep her out of the picture




We constantly worry that because we don’t have the backyard to throw the dogs in that they are going to pee everywhere. Honestly though, just make a little time for your pets and there shouldn’t be any problems. A cat is obviously an easy fix, show them the cat tray. Boom, no potty issues.

With dogs, you have to keep them on schedule. In the morning when I wake up around 7am, I take each dog for a 10 (at minimum) walk. Keep them on a STURDY leash and let them take in all the new smells. If they want to bark at every other dog and squirrel…let them! They are on vacation. Just make sure they aren’t scaring anyone or getting out of control. My dogs and I go on walks everywhere. It’s easy and when other people/dogs come by, we just pull off the path and wait PATIENTLY (make sure you dog remains calm…for the most part….while waiting) for them to pass.

Other than the morning walk we take 2 potty breaks during the day, just make sure they pee, no need for a huge walk, and then another long walk after dinner. Right before you go to bed (around 10-11pm for me) take them out for one last quick potty break. If you miss one potty break, it shouldn’t be the end of the world. They will most likely make it. If they are having accidents in between that time frame, you may want to check with your vet to make sure there isn’t something more serious going on.


We crate. In fact we crate both pitbulls in one crate. I’ve heard this is a bad idea but our dogs won’t have it any other way. Even when we are at home, if the humans leave the house them the dogs go in the crate. They want a space where they feel safe and secure, even when they aren’t at home. Being in their “cave” with their pack is their safe place. I put one of their blankets in their crate and when we aren’t at the house/hotel, they go in there. They aren’t mad or disappointed. Dogs love knowing where they are supposed to be and they will be happy to be in a calm spot till you get back.

Keep in mind my dogs have been crated together since they were puppies. Don’t force your dogs together on vacation and expect them to behave. If they normally hang out together outside the crate, let it happen. If you normally crate separate at home do that. Don’t thrown them a curve ball, they might not know how to react.

If you’re scared of them getting bored, bring toys or rawhides. Give them the toys and rawhides while under human supervision only and NEVER when they are crated or left alone with another animal. We don’t want any fighting while on vacation.



You may love fireworks on the beach, but no matter how good your dog is, don't expect him to embrace every experience with open arms. New experiences and loud noises can scare puppy and although they love being apart of the family, they might do better being left behind for some events. Make sure you take their feelings into consideration before bringing them along and don't get too frustrated if they don't behave like you expected. You can't expect the same reaction from every animal.


Accidents happen and when they do, be prepared. Make sure you pet is up to date on vaccinations and that you are carrying all their proper tags.

I hate it when my dogs jingle all around the house because of their tags so I just keep the tags on the leash instead of on their collar.



Make sure you know which vet you would want to take your pet to and which is closest in case of emergency.


cuddle, pet, and love. They live for this stuff!

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