Chunks First Swimming Lesson

Today was a big day for chunk. it’s the first time he’s ever tried swimming. I thought I would share in his triumph! He was very nervous at first he would only go in a foot or two. After a few minutes he gained confidence and he was a really good swimmer….in the shallow end. When we finally threw the ball to the deeper end of the lake he sunk right in and it took a few seconds before he actually surfaced. I was halfway in the water after him we finally popped his head up. After a few scary second where I thought I would have to jump in after him, he finally seem to get the hang of it he grabbed his ball and swam back to shore. He has been very proud of himself for the rest of the day but he’s basically knocked out this point. At least I found something that wears him out. 20140630-205907-75547263.jpg




Yep, today was a good day for Chunk!

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