Our beautiful Bella came to us from a home that had too many cats in it. Although the past owner had good intentions sometimes too many cats can be overwhelming.

When Bella came to us she was a bit under weight, she had an upper respiratory infection, ear infection and wasn’t great at being handled. She went through two courses of antibiotics and was fed kitten food until she got back on her feet. What we ended with was a truly beautiful cat!

It took a solid 4 months before she was able to be picked up and carried but once she was comfortable, she loved the attention. It wasn’t long before she went to her first adopters home but on the second day there was a tragedy in the family and the family remorsefully returned her to AERO.

It wasn’t until one day a family friend was looking for a new member to their family that she would find her forever home. The family had recently lost their older cat and the children were heartbroken. Dad fell in love first and quickly had his daughter, Lauren come over to meet her. Bella and Lauren quickly bonded and they both knew she had found her forever family.

Bella is currently living with her new family in Manassas and couldn’t be happier!

Bella and her new girl ❤

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