Snowflake’s Journey

We have another happy ending to show everyone!!!

Remember the tiny week old kitten who came covered in fleas with no mom? She came to stay with us from Middleburg Humane to be fostered until she was old enough to go up for adoption, but of coarse it didn’t take us too long to find this adorable little girl a forever family. Check out her story from day one, all the way till now with her in her forever home.

Snowflake on her first day

The day we first let Snowflake meet Chunk and Nina. They all got along so beautifully!

an up close picture of the little baby drinking her bottle ❤
Her first attempt at lapping up her milk   Her first solid foods, we have never seen such a messy eater before!
    The first time she met her mommy!
  She is very lucky that Mia is such a nice cat, she let her share her breakfast
  She came to work at the vet clinic with us every day so that we could take care of her, to get exposure, as well as learning to be comfortable with different scenarios. She got plenty of love and attention while she was there.
AND NOW….Snowflake in her new home with her two big brothers

  It took only a couple of days for them to warm up to her. Now she fits right in!
 We are always so happy to see a happy ending! Snowflake got a great new home in Falls Church and we couldn’t be happier for her or her big brothers.

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