Who We Are

Olivia LoBalbo-


Olivia had been a life long animal lover. Having grown up living on a farm, then moving in towards the city she became fascinated with not only having animals for pets but farm animals and wildlife as well. Shortly after graduating high school she volunteered as a dog walker with FOHA which is where she learned a lot about the world of rescue organizations. Later she became the volunteer coordinator for Wildlife Rescue League. She got her first job working with a dog trainer at kennel that bred Airedale Terriers and then working as a tech assist after that. She has since quit her job so she can put full effort into AERO.

Olivia and her husband currently live in Gainesville VA and have two kids, two pitbull terriers named Chunk and Nina and four cats named Pookie, Patrick, Chewie and Grimm. She is in school for Conservational Biology as well as recently becoming a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and working full time with AERO.

Jennifer Kurtz-


Jennifer was born in Northern Virginia but spent her early years in Southern, rural Virginia. Growing up, she always had an animal in the house which sparked her love at an early age. Her first job was at an animal hospital cleaning cages and interacting with different kinds of animals and her love grew from there.

Now, she lives in Houston Texas and is a recent graduate from the University of Houston! She lives with her dog named Tanner and she hopes to be adding a new dog to the family soon.

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