Meet the Board of Directors

Olivia LoBalbo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

In 2013, Olivia founded the nonprofit Animal Education and Rescue Organization (A.E.R.O.) to help rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife who are sick, injured, or orphaned.  Her efforts were driven by a lifetime love of wildlife and a dream of creating her own wildlife rescue group.  After years of working in vet clinics to learn the medical side; volunteering for other organizations to learn the non-profit side;  working for her dad’s business and as an inventory manager at a vet clinic to learn the business side; she realized it was time to move forward and start A.E.R.O Animal Education and Rescue Organization.

Olivia is a licensed with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources as a Category IIB organization and as such, is considered a wildlife facility and can sponsor up to 20 apprentices.  That designation has allowed A.E.R.O. to grow exponentially as an organization.  As a result, Olivia balances her time between hands-on rehabilitating and hands-on running our organization.

Today, A.E.R.O. is a recognized leader in the Northern Virginia wildlife community.  The interviews and articles below reflect Olivia’s dedication to educating the public on our Virginia wildlife:

Janet Schultz

Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Janet grew up in Arlington and is a graduate of  both the U. Va. and VCU.   Shortly before retiring from her position as a Vice President at IBM, she of Sales Operations, she moved back to this area to be closer to family.  Post retirement, she volunteered with a wildlife group where she led the wildlife transport team and then chaired their Rehabilitator Committee.  She became a licensed wildlife care provider and in 2020, became exclusively involved with A.E.R.O. and the work they were doing directly with wildlife.  She joined our Board and our A.E.R.O. Executive Committee where she has added immense value to helping us grow our organization and our program services.  Her accounting, CPA and operations background are invaluable in her role as our Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer.  In addition, she is also the Director of our Mangy Fox Program and our Volunteer Coordinator.

Laura Schultz

Officer and Chief Rehabilitator

Laura Schultz is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a master’s degree in applied statistics.  After working in private industry for about 10 years, she left to pursue a PhD in systems engineering and operations research at George Mason University and will receive her PhD in November.  She is a licensed Virginia Department of Wildlife Services (VDWR) rehabilitator caring for small mammals, rabies vector species, opossums, and reptiles.  Laura is a member of our A.E.R.O. Executive Committee.  As our Chief Rehabilitator, she works closely with Olivia LoBalbo to ensure the highest quality of care for our A.E.R.O. VDWR licensees.

Anthony LoBalbo

Officer and Secretary

Anthony LoBalbo was born and raised in upstate NY where he grew up playing in the woods and always had pets in the home. He graduated from University of Albany with a degree in finance and a concentration in business and shortly thereafter moved to D.C.  He met and married Olivia LoBalbo, joined her in a love for wildlife, supported her in launching A.E.R.O. and continues to participate in hands-on rehabilitation as a licensed VDWR care provider.  Anthony currently works for Charles Schwab and his financial background has helped A.E.R.O grow into a successful non-profit charity.

Jennifer Kurtz

Officer and Member-at-Large

Jennifer Kurtz was born in Northern Virginia but spent her early years in rural southern Virginia. She currently lives in Houston, Texas and is a graduate of the University of Houston.  Jennifer was an early supporter of A.E.R.O. and actively contributed to A.E.R.O. ‘s maturity into the organization it is today.  Since her move to Houston, she lends her support and insight to A.E.R.O. as Board member-at-large.