Meet The A.E.R.O Rehabbers

Olivia LoBalbo

Prince William County

Olivia grew up with animals her entire life.  Olivia became an apprentice under Janette Wright and got her rehabilitator license in 2017.   So far, her favorite animals to work with have been turtles and bats.  She is currently focusing on educating our new care providers, apprentices, and rehabilitators.

Olivia currently lives in Gainesville with her husband Anthony, two kids Ari and Ciro, two dogs Chunk and Nina, and two cats Chewie, and Patrick. Her long term goal is to create an understanding of nature, and how we as humans are part of it, what we can do to better coexist and help better support our earth. When she finally does that, she plans to retire near the beach where she can work with the sea turtles and drink wine all day. 

Deb Drain

Fairfax County

Deb is a Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources rehabilitator licensed to care for small mammals, fawns, rabies vector species and reptiles. She especially loves working with squirrels of any age, caring for them until ready for release on her property.  Deb has been interested in wildlife her whole life but got involved in rehabilitation after moving back to the area. She lives with her family in McLean not far from Great Falls Park and was inspired by all of the animals living close by to apprentice with Olivia and learn how to take care of Virginia‚Äôs orphaned and injured wildlife.

Annie Palermo

Fairfax County

Annie is a licensed Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources  rehabilitator caring for small mammals, fawns, and foxes.  She is an animal lover raised with horses, dogs, cats, and rabbits.  Since becoming a rehabilitator, she has been blessed to rehabilitate squirrels, cottontail bunnies, fawns, raccoons, and foxes.

Annie and her husband live on 5 acres in Centreville on property which adjoins Bull Run Regional Parkland.