Possibility the Opossum

This is a happy ending story. A member of the public called about a juvenile opossum that was dropped from a bird into their backyard. He looked in HORRIBLE shape. In fact I was almost certain he was dead when he arrived. I believe they call that “playing opossum”.  Immediately we took a trip to…

Marking The Babies

I’ve received so many questions recently about all the colorful marks on the baby animals I keep. A lot of people seem concerned that the marks are some kind of growth or lesion. Nope! Just a little bit of fun colored sharpies. Every year we have hundreds of animals come into AERO. A lot of…

Wildlife Fever

This year had been another crazy one for Wildlife. This will be our last year of apprenticeship for wildlife rehabilitation. We are very excited to get moving with our wildlife license. With each wild animal that comes in, the more experience we get and the more we learn. These animals are wonderful, inquisitive, and really…


A beautiful success story of our Bella

Chunks First Swimming Lesson

Today was a big day for chunk. it’s the first time he’s ever tried swimming. I thought I would share in his triumph! He was very nervous at first he would only go in a foot or two. After a few minutes he gained confidence and he was a really good swimmer….in the shallow end….