First Cottontail Of The Year

Here at AERO we typically get lots of baby bunnies but occasionally do end up with some injured adult rabbits as well. This is one of those cases.

A group of local kids brought this guy into a local vet clinic due to some bleeding from the nose. I will say that I am always amazed when the public can catch an adult cottontail without killing it. These animals are SO FRAGILE. I can’t stress that enough! Due to the fact that they are prey animals, they often stress themselves to death when captured. Even raising these little babies, they will often be stressed to the point of the death just from being handled. That’s why if its ever possible to get them back out, we do as soon as possible.

This guy did appear to have to minor bleeding from an abrasion on the head. We were able to clean it up, get him eating and drinking, and after two days in our care he is being placed outside into a covered rabbit hutch that has easy access to a door where he can leave from when he is ready. I’m so happy that this was one of the happy endings for a cotton tail.



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