The Right Move is Not Always Clear

Follow the steps below for help in deciding what to do next for a baby cottontail

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Identifying a Cottontail nest can be hard!

Efforts should always be made to locate cottontail rabbit nests, vital habitats for the survival of these delicate creatures. Cottontail rabbit nests, characterized by shallow depressions on the ground, are meticulously constructed with soft plant material and lined with fur from the mother rabbit. Concealed adeptly in their surroundings, these nests are designed to shield the vulnerable babies from potential predators. Cottontails are crepuscular creatures, and mothers typically only come to check on the nest at dawn and dusk. The best way to monitor the nest is by installing a trail camera and checking through that. It's important to remember that any healthy baby can easily go 24 hours without food and water, so there's no need to panic and accidentally separate them from their natural environment.

A quick way to tell if the bun had been fed? Check the belly for a milk line.

When in doubt keep warm, dark and QUIET! Buns are very sensitive to noise and easily over-stress. Handle as little as possible. Never attempt to feed. The wrong formula can be deadly to a baby bun!