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Support Us to do More

A.E.R.O. is a non-profit, volunteer-ONLY group. We do not charge to accept animals from the Good Samaritans who’ve found them and we do out best to educate the community with the resources we have. Please consider helping us in our mission and know that 100% of our donations to help fund animal expenses including food, medical bills, and caging to keep everyone comfortable while they recover.  We accept direct, tax-deductible donations or supply donations via our Amazon Wish List.

Every dollar helps! Please consider helping us continue our work.

Help Answer the Call

As volunteer rehabilitators, we don’t always get the chance to pick up the phone and talk the public through the excitement of finding a wild animal in need — we are usually in process of feeding and cleaning cages! For help, we work closely with the Wildlife Rescue League, who take-up the reigns with a dedicated rescue hotline. They provide all the information, tools, and resources needed to successfully walk a caller through “what to do” and “what not to do” and provide a huge service for partnered rehabilitators like us. Please keep them in mind if you find yourself in need of a little advice and consider joining. We could always use the help!

Help Bring Them In

With animals coming from all over, collecting our guests is a job all of its own! Thankfully, under the state, permitted rehabilitators can designate a proxy volunteer to help. But does every rehabilitator in our area really need their own? The Wildlife Rescue League has worked to build a community of transporters, who not only transport animals from our local vets to A.E.R.O, but also all our colleague rehabilitators in Northern Virginia. With wonderful training, and volunteer coordination, an hour donated, or even an entire day, will help all in need. So, if you’d like a little more hands-on assistance, just reach out to the Wildlife Rescue League and we’ll see you soon!

Become One of Us

Being a rehabilitator is an investment. Long hours, continuous learning, occasional heartbreak and, most importantly… we do it for free. In no way do we want to discourage you, but its important you know what you’re getting into. If you think its still your calling to volunteer as a wildlife rehabilitator, reach out! Virginia issues a permit which designates you as a Caregiver for an already existing rehabber. This 6-month commitment provides you with the opportunity to see the blood, sweat, and tears that go into rehabilitating before taking that big step.  For more information, feel free to email us with any questions.

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