Help Us Help Them

Rehabbing wildlife is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Our patients require distinctive formulas, fresh fruit and vegetables, specialized caging and equipment, along with months of dedicated care.

By law, individually licensed rehabilitators cannot charge for their services. However, a non-profit wildlife organization like A.E.R.O. may accept donations and conduct fund raising to cover the expense of rehabilitating Virginia wildlife. Below are a some additional ways in which you can help A.E.R.O. continue to provide care to our Virginia native wildlife.

Donate a Gift

A.E.R.O. has a wish list of items we use to support the wildlife in our care as part of the Amazon Smile program. Consider choosing us as your Amazon Smile charity!

A.E.R.O. has a wish list of items we use to support the wildlife in as part of the Chewy Shelter & Rescue program

Gift cards

Gift cards are always welcome. Because of where our rehabilitators purchase most of their supplies, we recommend Amazon, VISA, Giant, and Wegmans

Donate Your Time

Knitting or Sewing

We are always needing knitted baskets and fabric hammocks, particularly once our teenagers finish with them!


Feeding our animals as they grow is our most frequent expenditure. If you have excess fruits and vegetables, or are interested in growing  a wildlife garden, consider donating to feed our wildlife during rehabilitation

 When their original location is a no-go, finding the right release area is not always easy. We are always looking for places and can release certain species on private property with written permission from the owners.

Corporate Service Days

We love to host employees who volunteer to help out on your company service day!

Donate Goods


Common items include bleach, HE laundry detergent (No fragrance), paper towels, facial tissues (non-scented), blue Dawn dishwashing soap, trash bags, and spray bottles (new)


We could always use unfrayed towels, wash cloths, infant blankets, flannel sheets, and infant socks (used to make rice socks for baby animals)

Office Supplies

We could always use copy paper, duct/masking/scotch tape, Rubbermaid plastic tubs, envelopes, stamps, and permanent markers


Ziploc slider bags in any size, lightweight food storage containers, dried banana chips, unsweetened applesauce (one serving cups) or even pedialyte

Seeds & Nuts

Our patients go bonkers for the stuff! We could always use more sunflower seeds and in-shell, raw and unsalted nuts for a start.


Rarely do our patients come in healthy. Some of our go-to items include isopropyl alcohol, vet wrap self-adhesive bandage, 1-minute epoxy, sterile saline, polysporin,