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This is not a request form

If you do not have an agreement (and a drop-off address) from an A.E.R.O. rehabilitator to accept your animal, do not fill out this form!!

**PLEASE READ**  A.E.R.O is dedicated to saving sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.  If you have a severely injured animal or one which has been in a pet's mouth, please call a vet or find one through the Wildlife Rescue League (WRL) at 703-440-0800.   If you have a healthy animal which you want to relocate, please contact Virginia Wildlife Removal (Mike Arrington) at 540-412-5757

NOTICE: Virginia defines a as a Rabies-Vectored species. Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible.

All wildlife care is on a volunteer basis. If you care to leave a donation to help cover our expenses, it would be appreciated, and 100% will be used to care for your (s).

By submitting this form, you agree to relinquish all claim to, and responsibility for, the above described animal upon delivery to an A.E.R.O representative.