I’ve received so many questions recently about all the colorful marks on the baby animals I keep. A lot of people seem concerned that the marks are some kind of growth or lesion. Nope! Just a little bit of fun colored sharpies.

Every year we have hundreds of animals come into AERO. A lot of these animals come in groups or liters that they were born into. Law requires that we keep detailed records of animals that come in, what treatments they receive and what they end up doing for the rest of their time with us. The only way for us to keep an individual record on each baby is to give them some distinct mark that helps us keep them separate. That’s why a lot of these babies end up being named “hot pink” and “silver squirrel”.


So no need to worry that these babies have some strange growth. Its just their unique coloring that they’ll have here at AERO until their time of release.

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