We recently received a squirrel liter in that seemed to be like any other. That is until we noticed our little gold and silver girl. She has a excellent appetite, plenty of energy, and has been keeping up with the rest. Unfortunately that front right foot seems to have some kind of growth issue. It seems to be something she must have been born with.

We have had her since she was only a couple of days old. We first thought it may have been a break, but the more time that goes by the more we think it may have been a birth defect. This certainly isn’t slowing her down any! We will be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks but we are hopeful that she will go back out into the wild with all the others. We are working on moving it around little by little, doing massages and soaking it in warm water. She is able to use to it to get around and hold her bottle which at this point in her life is all she needs.

Wish this little lady good luck!


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