This is a happy ending story. A member of the public called about a juvenile opossum that was dropped from a bird into their backyard. He looked in HORRIBLE shape. In fact I was almost certain he was dead when he arrived. I believe they call that “playing opossum”.  Immediately we took a trip to go see Dr. Jenna Dean and she did a full exam, and found multiple punctures. It was pretty clear once we put all of our pieces together that our little friend had been dropped from some kind of raptor. The decision was made to put our little friend on antibiotics, and pain meds and see if it was possible for him to make a comeback. 

As you tell from the first picture we weren’t sure he had a chance. The middle picture shows Dr. Dean in the middle of her exam. Opossums are her favorite. After some anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, and paid meds, he finally let us handle him without trying to eat us. In no time at all he had made a recovery and was able to go back into the wild where he belonged. When we got the original call the finder they had almost given up before brining him in. We were so amazed, sometimes its just some meds and love that make all the difference. Remember that the small acts of kindness truly mean the world to these amazing animals.


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