Wildlife in Need of a New Home


Our mission is to always return our animals back to the wild where they belong. When adult wildlife are taken into rehabilitation, we will often release them back to the area where they were originally found. In fact, for some animals, like turtles, returning them back to their territory is required by law, while others, like cardinals, who mate for life, may have someone waiting for them to return.


But not everyone has a home. For those animals who cannot safely return, or for our orphaned and young wildlife animals, finding an alternative, safe, and suitable habitat can be a difficult task.  Each species requires a slightly different habitat in the wild to survive and may have large territories which cannot be shared with new arrivals.  In addition, we have to always be careful of introducing new microorganisms to their fellow inhabitants and actively avoid over-populating an established area.

We could use your help!

Participants in our release program offer their property as a home for particular species once they’re ready to be released. If you are interested in enrolling your land in our Wildlife Release Program, please fill out our form below.

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Participants must reside within Virginia

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Please keep in mind that our most common release needs are for squirrels, opossums, and birds.

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