Does this fawn need help?

Meet our little fawn friend! She is on her way to a wonderful rehabber to grow up with other fawns. Sometimes these guys need to be saved and brought to a rehabbers, and sometimes they need to be left alone. Let’s walk through both possibilities and see if your fawn needs help, or if you are about to fawnnap it.

Possibility the Opossum

This is a happy ending story. A member of the public called about a juvenile opossum that was dropped from a bird into their backyard. He looked in HORRIBLE shape. In fact I was almost certain he was dead when he arrived. I believe they call that “playing opossum”.  Immediately we took a trip to…

Chunks First Swimming Lesson

Today was a big day for chunk. it’s the first time he’s ever tried swimming. I thought I would share in his triumph! He was very nervous at first he would only go in a foot or two. After a few minutes he gained confidence and he was a really good swimmer….in the shallow end….

The Patience Only A Pitbull Has

What do you think of when you think of family dog? Golden Retrievers? Labradors? Beagles? Most people wouldn’t jump to pitbulls. I know everyone has heard the horror stories about pitbulls and their vicious nature. Not only the “vicious nature” but how the males are generally aggressive and territorial…about how the breed has been so…

Our Two Homeless Beauties

Meet Bella and Mia! These two girls have had it rough. There background is a little unknown but they came to us from a lady who does her best to help but got a little overwhelmed. They just recently went to a new home but were returned after the weekend because the younger girl in…

The Day I knew I wanted to start a rescue

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to start an animal rescue. I had grown up with a lot of animals and pets but I had one pet that really changed my view on animals. She was an old cranky Siamese and her name was Nora. I dedicate this rescue to her….